iREAD Customer Service/Illinois Library Association

Hours: M-F 
9 am to 5 pm CST

Check iREAD FAQ page for quick access to some customer service answers. 

For billing, or to request a
W-9, email


  • It’s easy, fast, and you can adjust the quantities and items in your cart with the click of a button
  • You can place your order and select the “bill me later” option to pay by check
  • You can create a quote, modify it if necessary, share it with other library staff and place it as an order at a later time
  • We keep the website up to date on item availability

Visit our iREAD store to order online.
You can pay via credit card or select the “bill me later” option to receive an invoice

Use the order quotes feature if you are not ready to place your order yet.
This option saves your cart for two weeks (depending on items availability), allows you to add or remove items from the cart, or convert the quote into an order. Please note that a quote needs to be converted to an order by the customer. iREAD does not monitor quotes, they are simply a tool for the customer. 

Any order inquiries should be submitted via email at