iREAD State Partners

Developed by the Illinois Library Association, iREAD is implemented in thousands of individual libraries across the country as well as through many statewide adoptions. Your library does not have to be part of a statewide adoption to use iREAD, but if you are from a library located in one of the states listed below, we encourage you to explore the state's dedicated page on summer reading or reach out to your state representative for detailed information on how to particpate (usually their contact information can be found on the state specific page). If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at


joined   2019
Alaska State Library Summer Reading Program Page


joined   2013
California State Library Summer Reading Program Page


joined   2021
Connecticut State Library Summer Reading Program Page


Illinois Library Association Summer Reading Page


joined   2021
State Library of Iowa Summer Reading Program Page

Davenport Community School District


joined   2023
Maine Humanities Council Summer Reading Program Page


joined   2021
Massachusetts Library System Summer Reading Program Page


joined   2014
Adopted and distributed by MN Library Systems.
Email with any questions.  


joined   2020

Rhode Island

joined   2021
Office of Library & Information Services State of Rhode Island Summer Reading Program Page


joined   2020
Washington State Library Summer Reading Program Page

Northern Lights Library System, Alberta, Canada 

joined   2024