Frequently Asked Questions

  • Orders & Quotes

    If your iREAD question is not answered in the FAQs, email Be sure to include the order number and name and email of the person who placed the order if you're requesting assistance with an order. 

    When does the iREAD store "open" for orders?

    The iREAD store begins accepting pre-orders of the new Summer Reading theme in the fall, typically October, for the upcoming year. For further information on the start of shipments and the shipping timeline, please refer to iREAD's Standard Shipping Schedule

    How do I place an order?

    Orders must be placed online via your iREAD account. Please visit our help page to view the benefits of placing your order online and three easy ways to place an order.

    Why can't I locate an item in the online iREAD store that I'd like to purchase?

    If you are looking for an item that you previously saw in the online iREAD store but can no longer find, it means that the item is out of stock. Our online store is regularly updated to reflect current inventory. Therefore, if an item is no longer available, it will not appear in the store. By May, we typically start to run low on stock, and some items may sell out and cannot be restocked in time for summer reading programs.

    How do I use the order quote feature?

    By creating a quote you can save your order so it can be submitted later. Create a quote by placing items in your shopping cart. Once you have selected the items you'd like to include, and specified appropriate quantities for each, click the "Email me a quote" link on the shopping cart page. This will save all of the items in your cart to a "quote". You will be sent an email that contains a link allowing you to easily retrieve your quote later. You can forward this email to a colleague for purchase approval or you can simply give your colleague your quote number (which can be used later to retrieve a quote on this page).

    Quotes that you create will also appear in your account history where they can be retrieved and submitted as an order. Please note that iREAD does not monitor quotes and a quote is NOT an order. A quote needs to be converted to an order by the customer. Items in your quote are only saved as a shopping cart wishlist and not taken out of inventory. Items added to a quote are subject to inventory availability and it is best to not wait too long after creating a quote to convert it to an order. 

    How do I access a previously created quote?

    An email is sent to the user that originally created the quote with a link to quote details. You can also view quotes that you have saved in your account history. To retrieve a quote created by someone else, you can follow the link in the email that they forward to you. Once retrieved you can load a quote into your shopping cart and submit your order.

  • Shipping and Delivery

    If your iREAD question is not answered in the FAQs, email Be sure to include the order number and name and email of the person who placed the order if you're requesting assistance with an order. 

    When will I receive my order?

    iREAD orders are shipped according to our Standard Shipping Schedule that can be viewed on the shipping page. iREAD orders are shipped in batches in the same sequence they have been received. We cannot expedite shipping or move your order ahead of others.

    Your confirmation will have the expected delivery date. This date will also appear on top of the webpage when placing an order.

    An item from my order is missing or has been damaged in transit. What should I do?

    Please email listing the order number (found on your emailed receipt underneath billing information) and name on the order, item SKU number and quantity of damaged or missing items for further details on how to proceed. 

    Why is there a 0 (zero) in the quantity column for an item on my packing slip?

    If you see a 0 (zero) in the quantity column, it means the item is on backorder and will be shipped once it is back in stock. To meet the deadlines on our standard shipping schedule, we may sometimes ship the bulk of an order first to ensure timely delivery, and send the backordered items as soon as they become available. 

    I purchased the downloadable Resource Guide, how do I access it?

    Once you submit your order for the downloadable Resource Guide, you can download it immediately. Be aware that there are two parts to download: the Resource Guide itself and the graphics.

    After submitting your order, download the Resource Guide from the confirmation screen. Under the Summary section, scroll down until you see the Resource Guide. There will be two hyperlinks: "Download part 1 now" and "Download part 2 now." Click on these links to start the downloads.

    If you closed the confirmation screen, don't worry. Find your receipt in your email and click on the hyperlinked receipt or copy and paste the link into your browser. This will take you to the online receipt/confirmation screen, where you can follow the instructions above.

    If you have deleted the email receipt, sign into your iREAD profile. Click on "Order history" and scroll down until you find your receipt. Click on the receipt to bring up your online receipt/confirmation screen and follow the instructions above.

    We recommend downloading each part individually, rather than simultaneously. If you have an older computer, let the downloads finish before doing anything else on your computer. Ensure the downloads are complete before closing the iREAD page, closing the browser, or turning off the computer.

  • Billing

    If your iREAD question is not answered in the FAQs, email Be sure to include the order number and name and email of the person who placed the order if you're requesting assistance with an order. 

    Do I need to pay for my order when I place it or can I receive an invoice?

    You can place an order and receive an invoice. When submitting your order online, at check out, you will have the option to select “bill me later”. Once you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation/invoice containing all of the information you need to mail us a check.

    How do I obtain a W-9 for iREAD?

    Please email your inquiry to

    How do I obtain an invoice?

    iREAD invoices are mailed out in batches around the same time you will receive your order (see iREAD's Standard Shipping Schedule for more information on delivery). Invoices and orders are sent from different locations and while we try to time the two, you may receive your invoice up to a week before OR after you receive your order. If you need an invoice right away, you can always request one by emailing

    When is an iREAD invoice due?

    iREAD invoices are due within 30 days of receiving your complete order.

    How do I obtain a receipt for my order?

    You can obtain a copy of your receipt in several ways. If you were the person who placed the order, check your email. Receipts are automatically sent as soon as an order is submitted. Since it's an automated email, you may need to check your spam folder.

    If you can't find the emailed receipt, sign into your iREAD account. You should see your Order History. You can either scroll down the page until you find the order you need the receipt for, or use the Find box to search for a receipt by amount, date, or order number. Once you've found the order, click on the hyperlinked Receipt. This will pull up your receipt, and you can have it sent to your email by clicking Send confirmation email. You can also print the receipt or save it as a PDF by clicking Print this page.

    If you you are not the person who placed the order and you have already checked with them for a receipt, email to request one. Include the name and email of the person who placed the order.

    Can I use a purchase order?

    Yes, you can. Place your order online and select the bill me later option. Once you submit your order, send an email to containing the following information: order date and order number, PO number you need added to the invoice. In return we will send an invoice reflecting the PO number. 

    How do I pay an invoice online if I am not the person who placed the order?

    iREAD accounts are linked to an individual's name and email address, and only the person with the sign-in credentials can access and pay online via (see instructions in the question below).

    If you are not the person who placed the order, give us a call to pay over the phone:
    312-644-1896 (select option 1 or 2)
    Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST  

    How do I pay an invoice online if I have selected the bill me later option at the time of purchase?

    You can pay your iREAD invoice  by following the steps below:
    1) Sign in at (Illinois Library Association) with your iREAD username and password

    Note: only the person that has placed the order can sign in and access the invoice. See next FAQ on how to pay for an iREAD invoice if you are not the person that placed the order. 

    2) Once signed in, select make payment in the upper right corner

    3) This will pull up the outstanding invoice and you can follow the prompts online to pay via credit card
  • Other

    If your iREAD question is not answered in the FAQs, email Be sure to include the order number and name and email of the person who placed the order if you're requesting assistance with an order. 

    My question isn't answerd by the FAQ's. Who should I contact?

    Email iREAD Customer Service at with any inquiries. 

    How do I sign up to receive the iREAD Newsletter?

    You can sign up to receive the iREAD Newsletter via this link. You can also view archived issues of the Newsletter here

    What is the copyright and fair use of iREAD Materials?

    Copyright and fair use of iREAD materials information can be found here

    What are the fonts used on the 2024 iREAD posters?

    You can download the flier that lists the various fonts used on the posters. 

    Where can I find additional resources for 2024?

    Check iREAD's Resource Page for digital backgrounds, fonts flier and PSA. Join the dedicated Facebook group, check out our Pinterest Page, or archived issues of the newsletter

    What is the Member ID and Member Type listed on my iREAD invoice?

    Since iREAD is an initiative of the Illinois Library Association (ILA), invoices are generated from the same database as ILA. The Member ID and Member Type are only relevant if you live in Illinois and/or work at an Illinois library. If not, you can disregard this information.