Order quotes

Need to price an order before you can get spending approval?

By creating a quote you can save your order so it can be submitted later. Create a quote by placing items in your shopping cart. Once you have selected the items you'd like to include, and specified appropriate quantities for each, click the "Email me a quote" link on the shopping cart page. This will save all of the items in your cart to a "quote". You will be sent an email that contains a link allowing you to easily retrieve your quote later. You can forward this email to a colleague for purchase approval or you can simply give your colleague your quote number (which can be used later to retrieve a quote on this page).

Quotes that you create will also appear in your account history where they can be retrieved and submitted as an order. Please note that iREAD does not monitor quotes. A quote needs to be converted to an order by the customer. Also, items added to a quote are subject to inventory availability.

Ready to turn a previously created quote into an order?

An email was sent to the user that originally created your quote with a link to quote details. You can also view quotes that you have saved in your account history. To retrieve a quote created by someone else, you can follow the link in the email that they forward to you or enter the quote number below. Once retrieved you can load a quote into your shopping cart and submit your order.