An outcome-based approach to summer reading focuses on setting goals and measuring the difference your library's summer reading program makes through changes in patron attitude, knowledge, or skills. It helps libraries demonstrate the value of summer reading programs and the positive impact that your programs have on the community.

Members of the California Library Association (CLA) have designed an outcomes-based method that allows libraries and librarians to create and implement fantastic summer reading programs and then demonstrate the impact of the programs. This outcomes and outreach initiative has been tried and proven effective over the past few years throughout California. While this material was developed in California, it is easily adapted to libraries across the country.

  • Outcome-based results tell the stories behind your summer reading statistics.
  • An outcome-based approach gives you information for a great “how we did it good” story to tell the media, elected officials, and other stakeholders.
  • Programs designed to achieve measurable outcomes are more likely to achieve results that are relevant to the community.
  • Libraries that can demonstrate that their programs contribute to positive outcomes have a competitive edge when looking for funding.

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