Reading by Design (Downloadable Resource Guide and Graphics)

Reading by Design (Downloadable Resource Guide and Graphics)

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Reading by Design was the iREAD theme in 2017. This downloadable Resource Guide has a wealth of graphics and over 600 PDF pages of design inspired activities, games, art, reading lists, and much more. Includes programming for Children, Teens, Adults, Families, and Military.

Artists for this year provided wonderful illustrations that highlight the design theme: Mike Curato, Nick Dragotta, James Spurgeon, and Russell McGonagle.

Copyright and Fair Use of iREAD Materials

As a purchaser of the Resource Guide, iREAD allows your library, school, or organization to use the copyrighted art included on the Resource Guide disks to promote your library and your reading program, including the purchase of additional promotional products such as book bags. You may use the art on purchased promotional items, and your library may also resell those items to raise funds for the library and the library’s programs. This permission extends to Friends of the Library-type groups associated with your library. There is no time limit imposed.

However, your vendor does NOT have permission to use the art, or slogan, on anything other than what you are purchasing. The vendor does not have permission to offer these materials to other libraries, or use the art to create additional items for sale. We ask libraries to notify vendors that they do not have rights to reuse the art in any form other than what you are ordering.

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