Call for Resource Guide Task Force Volunteers

Are you a leader, or do you aspire to be one? iREAD is seeking Resource Guide Task Force volunteers to help shape our future publications.

The goals of the individual task force volunteers are to submit original ideas and to recruit colleagues to submit their ideas for programming, craft and maker ideas, bibliographies and other resources, decorations, and getting started for all age groups. Library professionals can then take these ready-made ideas and implement them at their libraries.

Anyone is welcome to submit their name and interest for the task force. Deadline for expressing interest via the form below is through October 20, 2021. Volunteers will be contacted shortly after the deadline.

Volunteer for the iREAD Resource Guide Task Force

Commitment timeline if chosen to be on the task force for developing the 2023 iREAD Resource Guide with the theme Find Your Voice:

  • October 20 and December 1, 2021 
    Each iREAD task force member will contribute at least 5 entries to the Resource Guide with their own ideas for publication.
  • By mid-December, 2021
    Members will be able to assess how much else is needed in the guide and make determinations on the needs for each section (for example, need 10 more crafts for the teen section)
  • By February 29, 2022
    Task force members will encourage library professionals from around the nation to submit contributions for publication.
  • December 1 through April 1, 2022
    Chapter leads and task force members work together to organize, edit, and solicit additional contributions (if necessary).

Benefits of volunteering for the iREAD Resource Guide Task Force:

  • short-term but very involved and exciting commitment 
  • help shape iREAD future programs 
  • share your ideas and programming work with colleagues
  • collaborate and work with librarians across multiple states
  • have your name published in the iREAD Resource Guide 
  • build up your resume

Not ready to take on a role with the task force? You can still submit an idea for the 2023 Resource Guide. Learn more here.